by Parents and IBT Academy Students

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Hannah Baugher:

I’m so grateful to IBT Academy as they have been and continue to be so helpful and encouraging throughout the tough pandemic time. The school was so kind to lend me a piece of marley (dance floor) and a ballet barre, to enable me to practice at home, allowing me to creating a setting similar to what I’d have if I were in a studio. Director of IBT Academy was very proactive when the lockdown started. She immediately organized and started hosting a variety of Zoom classes for all levels. And the Faculty hosting IBT online classes were top tier ballet stars.

I found that although a lot of us didn’t have access to large spaces at home, the teachers recognized this and took this as an opportunity to really tune up our footwork and artistry.

I find my jumps have actually improved (even though I haven’t been able to work on them in a while) because of the strength I gained thanks to the IBT Zoom classes. I so appreciate being a part of the family IBT Academy has created!