Dress Code

Palermo Ballet Summer Intensive seeks to maintain a pleasant and healthy educational atmosphere. We ask that all stidents and parents help us achieve this goal by conducting themselves in a safe and considerate manner at all times. We reserve the right to withdraw a student from class without refund for inappropriate, destructive, or unsafe behavior.


For the safety of all students, the following rules will be enforced. Students who do not follow these guidelines will not be allowed to participate in class.


  • Students are expected to be dressed neatly, as per the dress code of their class.
  • All hair for Ballet classes must be up in a bun with no exceptions.
  • For all Jazz classes hair must be up and away from your face (example: ponytail.)
  • No gum or loose jewelry will be allowed in any classroom. 

Girls' Dress Code

Creative Movement 

  • pink tights
  • pink leotard
  • pink ballet shoes
  • skirts optional

All Ballet Classes

  • pink tights
  • black leotard
  • pink ballet shoes
  • skirts may be worn for variations


  • solid color leotard
  • black or pink tights
  • see instuctor about the shoe type 

Boys' Dress Code

  • white shirt
  • black tights
  • white or black ballet shoes