Results of the 2015 VKIBC
NYC Finals Announced


IBT Academy is very proud of our hardworking and talented students Jessica Restivo and Rory Myers who were invited to compete in the VKIBC Finals that took place in NYC last week, Tuesday to Saturday.

The Finals consisted of two rounds. Talented, well-trained, and technically strong participants that came from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Hong-Kong, Cuba, Japan, Israel, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Netherlands, Panama, Paraguai, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Ukraine, and the U.S., were judged by world-class ballet stars Andris Liepa and Nina Ananiashvili as well Oleksi Bessmertni, Founder and Director of TANZOLYMP Berlin. 

IBT Academy Student Jessica Restivo, 13, won Third Place in Student Division of Classical Ballet.

Jessica Restivo, Third Place in Classical, performing a variation from Paquita

Jessica was also awarded not one but two prestigious scholarships—with Boston Ballet School and The National Ballet of Canada.

After the Award Ceremony Jessica and Rory got to meet Nina Ananiashvili as well as some of the other judges. 


Jessica Restivo and Rory Myers with Valentina Kozlova, the Founder of VKIBC


VKIBC Judges with Andris Liepa in pink (center)


A goodbye photo of the participants and the judges, with Rory and Jessica on the far right