Congratulations, Jessica!
2nd Place at WBC-2015 Finals


IBT Faculty and your ballet friends are proud of you! 

Earlier this June our 13 y.o. Level 5 student Jessica Restivo placed 2nd at the 2015 World Ballet Competition Finals in Orlando, FL.


WBC has a reputation of being one of the fairest (hence, one of the hardest) premier ballet competitions in the world. Olympic-style scoring and the fact that competitiors are known to the judges by number only (not by their name or school) are some of the things that assure the fair judging.


Competing in Final Round with an Esmeralda Variation


Only 150 dancers—the number is cumulative to ages 9-24—are accepted to the First Round upon the judges' examination of thousands of video-entries from all over the world.


In the First Round two variations—one classical, one contemporary—are performed by each competitor. The scores are announced by the judges in real time, as soon as each participant gets off stage after finishing her/his performance. In addition, two separate scores—one for technique, the other for artistic expression—allow for better understanding of participants' specific talents and accomplishments. The Classical and Contemporary scores are then combined and only the top 15 people in the category proceed to competing the second, Final Round.


In the competition video below you will see: 

  • Paquita Variation:  0:00 - 1:28

Jessica showcases her long lines, incredible control on balances, and a quadruple pirouette. She was asked by the organizers to perform this variation in the WBC All Stars of Dance Closing Gala held on Saturday, June 

A beautiful, fast-moving piece choreographed for Jessica to show off her lines and extention all the while maintaining an elegant fluidity of movement.

  • Esmeralda Variation: 4:05 - 5:53 

In this piece Jessica performs all the double and triple pirouettes while keeping the temperament and the sassiness of the Spanish style. Watch her finish the last diagonal with impressive control and ease.



For this and other competitions Jessica was privately coached* by her Ballet Master Alexander Boitsov. Jessica has now been with IBT Academy for 7 years: she has first started her ballet training with Jaelyn Fellona in the Spring of 2008 at the age of 6. 


In addition to this latest accomplishment, during the 2014/15 Academic Year Jessica has also won:



Check out the album of Jessica Restivo's WBC-2015 performance and backstage photos!


* Advised by their Ballet Masters students examine each competition's Repertoire List and choose two or three classical pieces they will compete with for the season. IBT Academy Guest Choreographers are then commissioned to create contemporary competition pieces highlighting each dancer's strengths, and all of the students' unique technical and artistic qualities are taken into account.