IBT Girls at the WBC Finals in Orlando, FL


Earlier this June three of the IBT Academy Level 5 students—12 y.o. Emily Stephens, 13 y.o. Rory Myers, and 13 y.o. Jessica Restivo—competed in the 2015 WBC Finals in Orlando, FL.


Rory Myers, Emily Stephens, and Jessica Restivo (left to right) backstage at WBC Finals, ready to perform. Emily Stephens (right) tying her pointe shoes


World Ballet Competition offers a wonderful opportunity of full immersion into the professional ballet world.


It is a serious, strict, Olympic-style judged competition based in the U.S. Participating in such competitions close to home provides positive learning experience for young dancers planning to attend other challenging competitions in Europe, China, or Russia in the future.


Students get to learn first hand how big international competitions are run, with many variations to prepare for different rounds, and having to compete harder and harder in each following round. 


Emily Stephens practicing on stage in Orlando, FL


Emily, Rory, and Jessica worked hard to prepare two Classical and one Contemporary variations to compete with in different rounds. In order to pass the Preliminary First Round each of the three girls submitted a professional video of two classical variations. Out of amost 1000 competitors from all around the world merely 120 were accepted to dance in the Second Round. 


In addition to competing in the Finals, IBT Academy students took advantage of the daily master classes taught by some of the judges and guest artists.   


Jessica Restivo with some of the other competitors (left) and with Rory and Emily (right)


WBC has a reputation of being one of the fairest premier ballet competitions in the world. Olympic-style scoring and the fact that competitiors are known to the judges by number only (not by their name or school) are some of the things that assure the fair judging. Learn more about Jessica Restivo placing 2nd in the Preparatory Category. 


The dates of the WBC 10th Anniversary Finals have just been announced:

June 13-18, 2016 in Orlando, FL 

Auditions accepted beginning November 1.