IBT Academy Wins Three Major Awards at YAGP 2020


A major win for IBT Academy at YAGP Philadelphia this year, with two Grand Prix Awards in Junior and Senior Divisions and the Outstanding Teacher Award for our beloved Director Jaelyn Fellona! 

YAGP official photos and videos coming soon! Meanwhile, enjoy some snapshots from YAGP frontline: 


Isabella Roman, 14 y.o. IBT Academy student and winner of YAGP Grand Prix Award in Junior Division, with her coach and IBT Academy Director, Jaelyn Fellona, YAGP Outstanding Teacher Award recipient of 2020 (left). Isabella Roman with 17 y.o. Elene Gaganidze, winner of YAGP Grand Prix in Senior Division. Elene was coached by Jaelyn Fellona and Charles Askegard, Ballet Master of Pennsylvania Ballet and IBT Academy Guest Teacher




Isabella competed with 2 Classical variations and a contemporary choreography:


She danced a Variation from Esmeralda, choreography by Marius Petipa, and Paquita Variation #4, also choreographed by Petipa. 

Isabella's contemporary piece Unwound was choreographed by IBT Guest Choreographer Viktor Plotnikov, to the Prelude to Sonata No 6 in B-Flat Major by Vivaldi, performed by Peter Wisperlwey and Fiorilegium. 


Elene conquering YAGP, Day 1! (left) and posing with Jaelyn after performing Esmeralda in Classical (right)





Elene competed with two classical variations and a contemporary choreography: 

She performed a Variation from Esmeralda, choreography by Marius Petipa, and Gamzatti Variation from Act 2 of La Bayadere, also choreographed by Petipa.

Her stunning contemporary piece Think was created by IBT Guest Choreographer Viktor Plotnikov to Maria Callas's rendition of O nume tutelar, an aria from La Vestale. It was a big success with the Judges. 


Isabella and Raica after the award ceremony (left), with Alexia in the back. Elene warming up before competing with Esmeralda (right).




Raica competed with two classical variations:


the Cupid Variation, choreography by Petipa, and the Princess Florine Variation from Sleeping Beauty, also by Petipa. 

Her contemporary piece Estasi di note (The Extasy of Notes) was choreographed by Italian choreographer Marcello Carini, to an instrumental piece Elisabeth by Ashram.


Elene warming up to perform Viktor Plotnikov’s contemporary choreography Think, created especially for her YAGP performance (left). Best friends Elene Gaganidze, 17 y.o. and Madeline Glinski, 16 y.o. sharing another exciting experience at Swarthmore College. Madeline competed in Philadelphia in November 2019 placing Top 12.


IBT Academy triumph was complete with everyone's beloved Director and coach Jaelyn Fellona recognized with the Outstanding Teacher Award.

IBT Academy gang at YAGP Philadelphia 2020