JESSICA RESTIVO, 2nd Place at World Ballet Competition 2015

In Orlando Jessica competed with Paquita Variation (0:00 - 1:28) / Moved, contemp. by Viktor Plotnikov (1:29 - 4:04) / Esmeralda Variation (4:05 - 5:53)

PAQUITA VARIATION, Performed by Sandy Zeng

In June 2015 Sandy won Platinum in Classical and 1st Place in Pointe at the Tampa Finals of International Dance Challenge Competition

LUCID, Performed by Sandy Zeng

At the June 2015 Tampa Finals of International Dance Challenge Sandy also won Platinum for her Contemporary piece choreographed by Viktor Plotnikov

SUITE, performed by Elyse Jennings

A contemporary piece choreographed by Victor Plotnikov, Suite was performed by Elyse at the 2008 Arabesque Competition in Perm, Russia

PAQUITA VARIATION, performed by Elyse Jennings

Elyse won The Russo-Japanese Couple Yukari Saito & Nikolai Fyodorov Award to The Most Talented Dancer Among The Youngest Competitors